Letter of Appreciation from Gordon Willmon, Esso Resources
[Esso Resources Canada Limited - Gordon J. Willmon, Director and Vice-President - letterhead]

Esso Resources Canada Limited
Esso Plaza West
237 - 4th Avenue Southwest
Box 2480, Station M
Calgary, Alberta.
T2P 3M9

June 10, 1991

Mr. Allan MacRae,
Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.,
1500, 635- 8th Avenue S.W.,
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 3Z1

Dear Allan:

On behalf of the Syncrude Management Committee, I want to thank you for acting as Chairman of the Syncrude Technical Committee for the past two years.

Under your guidance, the effectiveness of the committee and its relationship with the Syncrude representatives have improved significantly. We appreciate you expending the time and effort to accomplish this result.
Your efforts have been appreciated.

G.J. Willmon
Chairman - Syncrude


R.D. Dunn, Alberta Energy Company Ltd
T.R. Vant, Alberta Oil Sands Equity
M.B. Todd, Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd.
C.R. Mikkelborg, Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
R.H. Scott, Gulf Canada Resources Limited
K.B. Cusworth, PanCanadian Petroleum Limited
G.C. Bruce, PetroCanada

Esso Resources Canada Limited, a general partner of Esso Resources Canada                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                                    Imperial Oil

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