Letter of Reference from D. W. Devenny, Past President of APEGGA
The Rock Doctor Limited

Independent Engineering and Geological Services
3503 Varal Road N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3A OA4

June 19, 1996

To:      Whom it may concern

Re:     Reference for Allan MacRae

I have known Allan for over 20 years, as a client, as an employer and as a fellow professional .

Allan started his career as a consultant. He was (and still is) hard working, innovative, and effective. He displayed a particular ability at quickly scoping assignments, identifying cost effective solutions and selling the solutions to the customer. Needless to say he was quite successful as a consultant.

As an employee of CanOxy his first assignment was the Syncrude mineable oil sand project. There he applied the same skills and was instrumental in identifying cost saving opportunities which were subsequently adopted. I participated in some of those activities and can attest that it is not easy for the representative of a minority owner to identify areas for cost saving and to have them implemented. Allan assumed a non-authoritarian knowledge based leadership role and successfully sold the improvements.

I am familiar with the accomplishments outlined in Allan's resume. If anything, the accomplishments are understated.

There are three qualities that are difficult to portray in a resume: - value added to the corporate bottom line, effective leadership and integrity. I know from personal association with his work that Allan has added significantly to the corporate bottom line. I also know that he is an effective team player and leader. Leadership indicated above is underscored by strong personal standards and integrity.

I would be pleased to discuss my impressions further and can be  reached  at  the address on the letterhead.

Yours truly


D. W. Devenny PhD P Eng P Geol
Past President of APEGGA

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